PTI dents PPP

WITH general election approaching, season of turn-coats has also set in and they are now looking for apparently greener pastures to try their luck again. After Noor Alam of PPP, Firdous Ashiq Awan, who served as Minister for Information and Broadcasting in PPP’s Government, also jointed PTI on Tuesday. In a statement, she expressed complete faith in party’s leadership and its manifesto following a meeting with Party Chairman Imran Khan in Islamabad.
There were also media reports that another PPP stalwart and former Federal Minister Nazar Muhammad Gondal is also poised to join the PTI, while party circles claim that they are in touch with a number of other so-called winnable candidates belonging to different political parties and might be able to rope them in at appropriate time. However, so far the party has dented and damaged PPP especially in Punjab and KP where Peoples Party already has a dwindling popularity. Flight of Firdous and Gondal might encourage others who might be waiting in wings to switch their loyalty and in the process inflict damage on PPP. If the situation continues it would be difficult for PPP to find even a few dozen candidates in constituencies of Punjab and KP who can give some respectable fight to their rivals. This should be a cause of concern for PPP but this was expected in view of Sindh-specific politics of PPP leadership and its anti-Punjab statements on different issues. It has become a fashion to lash out at Punjab for nothing and unfortunately, PPP, which claims to be a party of federation, is also victim of this tendency and that is why it has not so far been able to restore its credibility and image in the eyes of people of Punjab. But embracing of turn-coats by PTI is also not encouraging as it shows the party has bade farewell to politics of principles and opened its arms for all sorts of stuff. How can we expect cleansing of politics under these circumstances?

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