PTI announces siege of Raiwind on Sept 24

Salahuddin Haider

Karachi—PTI chief Imran Khan addressed a huge public meeting at Nishtar Park in Karachi Monday night to break the myth that the city belonged to MQM, and announcing a siege of the prime minister’s house in Raiwind on September 24.
From many an angle it was an impressive show of strength by the Tahreek-e-Insaf, for long trying to challenge Altaf Hussain in his powerbase of urban Sindh, and now that the MQM supremo has been disowned by his own people, Imran saw his dream come true.
He largely succeeded in that, although the trek to the ultimate goal of winning elections from the country’s biggest city of 20 million, will remain elusive for more time to come. Yet the vast Nishtar Park had a capacity crowd, which was a real breakthrough.
In late night address, he accused Altaf of not allowing anyone to rise to fame or equal to him, alleging that the party’s founder chairman Azim Ahmad Tariq, was killed by none else than Altaf because he was an enlightened man, and could have easily ascended to authority.
“Come on my fellow countrymen’ join me from wherever you are to gherao the Raiwind, the palatial estate of the premier, and of Sharif family, ruling Punjab, and the country for almost 30 years. Time had come for them to go now.
Powreful rulers like Shah of Iran, Suharto of Indonesia and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, could not remain in power for long, how could Nawaz Sharif survive the onslaught of the masses. Imran accused Nawaz of being corrupt and dishonest.
Branding Altaf as a mafia chief, Imran said that he had held Karachi and its people hostage to his whims, and had been involved in killing people, including his own ethnic clan of Urdu speaking people, commonly called mohajirs
He said he had great respect for Azeem Tariq who had held a grand reception for him when he came to Karachi after winning the cricket World Cup in 1992. Altaf never liked Tariq, and ultimately finished him.
He said his greatest friend in cricket team was a mohajir, Javed Miandad. He respected mohajirs, and considered Urdu people as enlightened and skilled people, knowing administration, art and craft.

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