Psychiatrists concerned over lack of facilities for sexually abused children

Zubair Qureshi

Psychiatrists have expressed concerns over the lack of proper institutions and trained professionals to treat the trauma of sexually abused children and cautioned if the children are not timely and adequately treated, they can face lifelong consequences on their health, psyche and career. It can also lead to criminal behavior.
“In a joint family, one-out-of every four children, is sexually assaulted but unfortunately, there is lack of institutions and experts to deal with this gigantic problem,” said Dr. Khalid Mufti, a noted psychiatrist and head of an organization Horizon working for the habilitation of trauma-affected people for the last thirty years. “There is general tendency on the part of portents to hush up the matter through affected children results in diseases that can retard their physical growth,” he said adding that lack of interest in education and criminal tendencies are the other consequences for them. “When the children show abnormal behavior like change in eating habits, secretiveness, social withdrawal or outburst of anger, it is time to consult a psychiatrist,” Dr Mufti said cautioning parents not to hand over their children to servants as a first step to their protection.

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