PSQCA committed to enhance competitiveness

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The PSQCA as National Standards Body is committed to play its multi dimensional role of enhancing the competitiveness of local industry and trade for the optimum benefits of the business group entrepreneurs, consumers and the country as a hole, Quality standards are necessary to which a product, device, service, environment or facility is usable by as many people as possible. This was stated by Director General PSQCA Dr. Barkat Saeed Memon during meeting with Head of department for Asia, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Belarus Mr. Andrei Grinkevich, along with his team Councilor of Embassy Mr. Andrei Ermolovich and first Secretary Mr. Kirill Deryabin at PSQCA Head Office Karachi.
He said the international standardization ISO, IEC contribute significantly to strengthen accessibility aspects in the design of products, services, environments and facilities.
Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) has formed Technical Committee for Accessibility standards stakeholder groups which include organizations, governments and regulators, product designers and manufacturers faced with standardization requirements, and consumers.
Standards plays an important role for Quality Control, he said Memorandum of understanding on certification and standardization issue is under way, Pakistan have 30970 including international Standards and 8000 are Local Standards, we are going to Harmonize Standards with SARSO. As per demand of industry PSQCA is much interested to Asian Standards to be harmonized as for Belarus concerned We want Trade, Export, Steel Standards to be Harmonization. He offer to form Committee to identify interested areas of both side to Harmonize Standards should be work together in future for the area of Standardization and certification.
Mr. Andrei Grinkevich said Belarus is hoped that the groundwork will be laid and a road map drawn up for future standardization initiatives with the involvement of the key stakeholders.

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