PSP: Best choice for Sindh

According to media, Chairman, Paksarzameen Party, Syed Mustafa Kamal, has said the Manifesto of his Party focuses on humanity, brotherhood and eradicating environment of hatred under the slogan of ‘Jag Pakistan’ across the country.”
We know that APMSO and MQM rose as a result of persecution of Urdu-speaking people by Ayub Khan and his son Gohar Ayub. To a great extent, MQM rectified the situation as regards mistreatment of the Urdu-speaking people. However, the party failed to take constructive measures for the uplift of the people it represented and, in time, became too obsessed with power. What is worse, through its high-handed approach, it exacerbated ethnic tension instead of solving the problem in view of the fact that the city belonged to all its dwellers, irrespective of their ethnicity.
And then repeated, repressive operations by the government against MQM resulted into its splintering into MQM Haqiqi, PSP, MQM London, and PIB and Bahadurabad factions of the party.
And then Farooq Sattar announced not to participate in the election but within days, changed his mind, and announced participation in the election, vowing to struggle for Mohajir Suba as a vote-catching slogan. And then Syed Mustafa Kamal rebutted that in the present conditions creation of another province in Sindh was not possible and that strong, empowered district governments were the answer. And we have seen how Mustafa Kamal, as an empowered Mayor of Karachi, had transformed the city. Just like the time is up for PML-N top leadership, it is up also for the MQM, but unfortunately, its leadership does not realize it. Having seen PPP’s non-performance repeatedly, I think PSP would be the best choice for Sindh.

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