PSL final in Karachi

The fans of PSL are worried because all the tickets of PSL final have already been sold out. The people who acquired tickets of Rs 1,000 for General Enclosure now selling these tickets for Rs 5,000 on black rates i.e. equal to extortion. Sports presenter Osama Ashaqeen corroborated the sale of PSL final tickets at double rates of original price in the black market. It is not fair for genuine cricket fans. They might miss out live cricket action because of these artificially inflated prices. No doubt, we cannot prove responsible for this worse situation to the Government Agencies or any other Controller, as the problem is natural. The limited seats in the Stadium cannot meet the requirement of a city having population of more than 20 million. By quoting the situation, my purpose is not to criticize, rather to focus on route cause of this overwhelming situation. In my opinion, this extraordinary passion of cricket fans is due to very rare and limited opportunities of watching live cricket actions in Pakistan, especially in Karachi.

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