PSDP up by over 26% to Rs2.113tr



The government Friday unveiled Rs 2.113 trillion Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the fiscal year 2017-18, which would be utilized for
various ongoing and new development schemes.
The PSDP allocations showed an increase of 26.14 percent when compared to the development funding of Rs 1.675 trillion during last fiscal year.
Out of total PSDP, Rs 1001 billion have been set aside for the federal departments whereas a sum of Rs 1112 billion allocated for the provinces.
According to details, out of Rs1001 billion federal PSDP, the government allocated Rs 35.662 billion for Higher Education Commission, Rs48.701 for National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Division, Rs18.936 billion for Finance
Division and Rs 15.666 billion for Interior Division.
An amount of Rs4.348 billion has been allocated for Aviation Division, Rs 5.188 billion for Capital Administration and Development Division, Rs1.2 billion for Commerce Division, Rs13.660 for Communication Division, Rs4.468 billion for Defence Production Division while Rs2.961 billion allocated for Federal Education and Professional Training Division.
An amount of Rs10.386 billion has been earmarked for Housing and Works Division, Rs2.737 billion – Industries and Production
Division, Rs1.538 billion – Information Technology and Telecom Division, Rs3.044 billion – Inter Provincial Coordination Division, Rs1.2 billion – Law and Justice Division, Rs1.614 billion – National Food Security and Research Division and
Rs15.085 for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.
The Planning, Development and Reform Division would receive an allocation of Rs16.798 billion, while Rs12.775 billion would go to Ports and Shipping Division, Rs42.9 billion to Railways Division and Rs2.427 billion would be given to Science and Technological Research Division.
An amount of Rs26.900 have been allocated for States and Frontier Regions Division, Rs3.5 billion for SUPARCO, Rs36.750 billion for Water and Power Division (Water Sector) while an amount
of Rs60.909 billion for WAPDA (Power).
Rs30 billion has been set aside for Prime Minister’s Global SDGs Achievement Programme, Rs40 billion for Special Federal Development Programme, Rs12.5 billion for Energy for All project,
Rs7.5 billion for ERRA and Rs5 billion for Special Provision for Completion of CPEC Projects.
The government also earmarked Rs45 billion for Relief and Rehabilitation of IDPs, Rs45 billion for Security Enhancement, Rs20 billion for Prime Minister’s Youth Initiative, Rs25 billion for Gas
Infrastructure Development Cess while Rs43.644 for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Division.
In addition, the government allocated Rs159 million for Cabinet Division, Rs815 million for Climate Change Division, Rs535 million for Defence Division, Rs270 million for Establishment
Division, and Rs200 for Foreign Affairs Division.
The PSDP allocation for Human Rights Division were fixed at Rs306 million, Rs811 million for Information and Broadcasting Division, Rs220 million for Narcotics Control Division and Rs272 million for National History and Literary Heritage Division. An amount of Rs100 million have been allocated for National Security Division, Rs321 million for Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority and Rs554 billion for Petroleum and Natural Resources Division.—APP

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