Provision of gas in Balochistan

Sanaullah Samad

Balochistan is the backbone of Pakistan, as it is full of natural resources. Natural gas is also giving many advantages to the citizens of the Pakistan. Natural gas was discovered at Sui gas field in 1952 and by 1955 is being supplied to different cities of the country. Today Sui gas is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy, located in Dera Bugti. Unfortunately Balochistan is the most backward province and Dera Bugti is the most undeveloped part of the province.
The saddening news is that still many places of Balochistan are without gas. The first provinces were Punjab and Sindh, who were supplied from Sui gas. After 60 years only 14 towns of Balochistan are enjoying this facility to date. Otherwise the town Sui, itself does not have gas, which is only 4 miles away from the gas discovery city. The people are compelled to use wood and coal as fuel and facing many problems.
Not only that, only 10 percent population of Balochistan is enjoying gas supply, while the rest of the province is deprived of gas. These days many promises are being made for the development of Gwadar. The saddening news is that Gwadar is facing many problems including clean water and gas. Due to non-availability of gas here the people are forced to buy wood, coal and petrol to meet their fuel needs. CPEC is also present in Gwadar and our leaders have promised that CPEC is full of advantage for Gwadar and Pakistan. It will bring a vital change for the people of Gwadar. But we have not seen any changes occurring in Gwadar.
Today Balochistan is not getting any benefits from its own natural resources. It is the responsible of government and concern authorities to give equal rights to the poor people of Balochistan. The concern authorities should provide gas and other facilities in whole of Balochistan so that people could live peacefully.
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