Provision of life-saving equipment for beaches

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Life-saving equipment and boats would be provided for the Karachi beaches.
An announcement here on Friday said the Aman Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PALS for provision of life-saving equipment and boats for Karachi Beaches. It said that in light of the terms of the MoU, it was agreed that the boats, engines, and other related equipment owned by the Foundation will be donated to PALS to utilize.
The signing took place at a ceremony held at The Aman Foundation’s Head Office in Karachi. The Aman Foundation and PALS previously joined hands to keep the beaches of Karachi safe by deploying trained lifeguards across various stations.
A grant was disbursed to the organization in 2010 to employ 100, well-trained lifeguards to protect the city’s most popular beaches.
In the process, the organization provided employment to members of the local community. The project, named Aman PALS, has been operational for over 5 years and has been credited with saving hundreds of lives since its launch.
As per the renewed terms of understanding, Aman will be providing 13 life-saving rubber boats, 30 safety and life jackets, 10 floating tubes, 18 engine spares and various other life-saving equipment.
The boats, engines, and other related marine equipment will also be utilized by PALS in their Outdoor Adventure Tourism activities to raise funds to continue to run the PALS Rescue Service. Reza Samad, President, PALS, who signed the MoU on behalf of PALS said the Aman Foundations’s grant to PALS and now provision of boats and lifesaving equipment serves as a means for us to continue saving lives at sea.

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