Provinces urged to formulate, implement inclusive labour policies

After devolution, a comprehensive labour policy is absent from the policy arena of provinces, therefore, it is about time for provinces to expedite the process of formulating inclusive and gender sensitive labour policies, say experts.
Speaking at a seminar titled “Women’s Labor Market Participation and Child Care: Reforms for Labor Market Policy Effectiveness” organized by Sustainable SDPI, experts stressed the need for political engagements to bridge the legislative gap at provincial level and help the legislatures to draft the bill in this regard.
Speaking on the occasion, SDPI’s Joint Executive Director Dr. Vaqar Ahmed expressed the concern that even after a gap of three years, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh provinces are unable to draft their respective labour policies.
Dr. Vaqar said that gender-sensitive labour policies are urgently required to increase women’s labour force participation.
Earlier, H. Elizabeth Peters, Institute Fellow, Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population, Urban Institute said that the United States is not a favorite country when it comes to work-family and childcare supports and benefits. Ms. Peters said that in the US there is a Zero paid parental leave available to mothers. This has resulted in significant reduction of household income of families, especially the single mother living solo, she said and added that on the other side childcare support and benefit is not too much promising. —TNS

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