Provinces do better, need to do more

ACCORDING to PILDAT’s latest scorecard on quality of governance for 2014-15, it is heartening to note that the quality of governance in federating units is gradually improving. According to the analysis, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government closed the gap with Punjab government, as both received an overall score of sixty-eight percent in their performance on quality of governance in their second year of government since assuming office back in 2013. Sindh ranks second with 59 percent followed by Balochistan at 58 percent.
When compared with the previous report, we see a marked improvement in service delivery and performance of provinces in different areas, indicating that the democratic set-up has started delivering and things are likely to improve further in years to come as local governments were entrusted with more financial and administrative powers to address problems of people at their door steps. To further bolster governance, the provincial governments also need to learn from each other’s best practices. For instance, according to the scoreboard, Punjab leads other federating units in administrative effectiveness and social indicators. Other provinces could examine steps taken by Punjab in this realm and also get required assistance from administration of the most populous province to bring improvements in their own domain. Given the rich natural resources, human resource and achievements made by the country in different spheres including missile and nuclear technology, we have the potential to touch new heights of progress and prosperity with good governance. We are glad that the provincial governments have started realising their responsibilities and started the journey to put matters on the right track. We hope that they would continue their forward march with much more vigour and zeal in the days to come while ensuring full transparency. As LG system has been set-up in all the provinces now, we would also urge provincial governments to fully empower this system thus further improving their performance indicators.

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