Provinces deprived of NFC award: Dhamrah

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After the verdict of apex court of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified but democracy was yet intact. Senator Aajiz Dhamrah, Information Secretary, PPP Sindh expressed these views, during his press conference at Hyderabad on Monday.
Holding press conference, he expressed that provinces were deprived of NFC award and the Governor’s role was an important in getting it but he was beating about the bush adding he stressed over the Governor to play its real role and demand from the Federal Govt for NFC award’s immediate provision to the provinces and also he must assure the people of Sindh that he would tackle this burning issue with Federal Government on his prior. Dhamrah maintained that Federal Minister for Finance intends to get persuade provinces on the gun-point in his favour adding that if Federal Govt can’t provide additional amount to province than it couldn’t deduct too. The provinces were being punished from the year of 2015, he added. Adding, he pointed that Governor of Sindh was untruthfully claimed that Punjab Govt had made record development work in its province and Sindh witness no progress. Dhamrah invited the Governor of Sindh lets come, he would show him the record development initiatives taken by Sindh Government if he put out the opponents eyeglasses.
Raising the point, Mr. Dhamrah observed that MQM was crying over the Sindh Government’s record development schemes initiated in Karachi, it was a big problem for them adding that MQM was seem its dark future in long and Governor must dare to ask them for their meaningless crying over the development works initiated by Sindh Govt.

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