Provide int’l standard tourist infrastructure and services is our priority: Ghafoor


ISLAMABAD : Managing Director, Pakistan Tourism Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan hosted a dinner in honor of the 6-member delegation of investors from Kuwait.

Talking on the occasion, Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor said that it is the need of time to encourage investors from abroad to develop tourism sector in Pakistan because it is our priority to provide infrastructure and international quality services. There are countless tourist destinations and investment opportunities available in the country, which can be promoted in the right direction so that this ignored sector can be tracked back on its feet and remarkable foreign exchange exchanges can be included in the national economy.

The Kuwaiti group of investors has a great deal of importance to promote tourism and investment in Pakistan. From Khunjerab to Gwadar and from Khyber to Karachi there are numerous places and destinations with countless opportunities for investment in the tourist sector that can be benefited from. Due to the tourist friendly and positive investment policies of the present government, it is said that in the coming days, Pakistan will be included in the list of developed countries.

Managing Director further said that we want our Kuwaiti brothers to come to Pakistan and enjoy our traditions and hospitality, taste our food together and visit the historic buildings. Take a look at the desert and enjoy the snow in the Northern parts of Pakistan. Such diverse entertainment and tourism opportunities are not available in any country of the world.

Keeping in view the quality, we are introducing tourism subjects to several Universities in Pakistan, which will provide education to this sector from Diploma to Degree Program. The trained workforce will not only provide quality services in the tourism sector, but a positive impression will also reach the world, which is much needed at this time. It is our duty to bring awareness about the love of our homeland with all the information about our country to the coming generations.

“We are making efforts to provide information about tourists and investment opportunities in Pakistan in the world’s leading investors, including Kuwait, to improve the speed of development in Pakistan. He said that this year, Pakistan government has set up a special plan for tourism and it is hoped that foreign investors can not only invest in tourism sector by investing in tourism sector, but also from this investment. Kuwait and Pakistan will also come closer.

Kuwaiti group leader and Tourism Coordinator for Pakistan Hafiz Muhammad Shabir said that in Kuwait and other Gulf states, large number of Pakistani people who have been living there with their families and related to business. These are a great source of sending money to Pakistan. The generations of those people have grown there, but the younger generation does not have more information about their own country, for which the efforts of PTDC can highlight the importance of tourism of Pakistan. It is hoped that the Pakistani government will promote investment further so that investors believe that not only their investment in Pakistan is safe but also profitable.

Kuwaiti Investor Abdul Rasul Saruko said we were surprised to come to Pakistan that it is a very peaceful country. The residents here are tourist friendly. We have been walking around Karachi without any security arrangements and have been greatly affected by the happiness and hospitality of the people of Pakistan, which is truly a Muslim brotherhood country. The historic buildings of the Mughal era in Lahore are believed to be trustworthy style buildings, which is a valuable asset that is capable of showing to the world. I want Kuwaiti people to visit here and enjoy the best country tour of their life time. Other members of the group include Abdullah Suleman, Raja Zafar Iqbal, Ahsan Mahmood Baba and Nadeem Akbar.

Orignally published by NNI