Provide equal education opportunities to all

ARTICULATING Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government’s initiatives in the education sector, Special Advisor to Chief Minister KP on Higher Education Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani said the concept of rich and poor has been removed entirely in all educational institutions of the Province. Though the Advisor did not specifically clarify or elaborate as to what improvements have been made in the schools for this purpose but if he meant that the standard of education has been improved with the provision of basic facilities, then it is definitely a good and positive development and everybody should welcome it.
The irony of the situation, however, is that most of our schools particularly those in the rural areas still lack the required infrastructure and furniture that are pivotal to provide conducive environment to the young lot to acquire education. Unfortunately still about fourteen million children are out of school in our country and a big ratio of those going to school also drop out after primary or matriculation stage due to various reasons. Therefore, there is a dire need to work out a holistic programme to improve our education indicators as the economic indicators are very much dependent on the improvement of this vital sector. To achieve this objective, the Federal as well as Provincial governments will have to pay special attention towards improving the lot of public sector schools as many of the poor parents cannot afford to send their children to private schools because of their high fees. Even majority of those sending their kids to private schools are hardly managing the education expenses of their children. It is the Constitutional responsibility of the state to ensure provision of quality education to all but unfortunately this obligation has never been addressed to seriously by the successive governments. We appreciate the Federal government for launching the education reforms programme in the Federal capital under which several schools have been renovated and equipped with latest facilities. However, we here will suggest that there is need to bring overall improvement in the whole system ranging from ensuring better environment to installing highly qualified and trained teachers at the educational institutions. We hope the Federal and Provincial governments will make their endeavours towards this end for better training and education of young minds.

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