Proud of corruption

Every day, I happen to come across such people in power and authority who are proud of their corrupt practices and chronic corruption. These corrupt persons both serving and retired are untouchable and invincible. Juniors idolize them and come what may, corruption cannot be eliminated from this society because here in this land the corrupt protect, promote and project the corrupt lot. Society as a whole never abhors ills and evils like corruption. Corruption is a symbol of status and key to career growth. No Corruption, No promotion in many cases it is an established truth.
Like many others, I firmly believe that a society where people are proud of their sins and crimes, their sins and crimes have to multiply, but cannot weeded out. As PPP rule and reign cannot be challenged in the province of Sindh because they have used all ways and means to scale up poverty and poverty is slavery and slave don’t use their mind, so in the same manner corruption cannot be combated or lessened in this society.

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