Protests outside cinemas as Teefa in Trouble premieres this weekend

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Protesters took to social media to share images of the protests
As latest blockbuster Teefa in Trouble released across the country this weekend, footage of pro-tests against the film be-gan circulating on social media.
Teefa in Trouble’s pre-miere in Karachi on Thursday night featured some celebrities on the red carpet but outside, a group of protesters gath-ered and chanted slogans against Ali Zafar, who earlier this year was ac-cused of sexual miscon-duct by Meesha Shafi.
A similar situation played out at Teefa’s premiere in Lahore on Friday. Protes-tors recorded a video of a head of a major fashion brand saying he ‘sup-ported sexual harassment,’ a comment for which he later apologised.
A group of protesters gathered outside Nueplex Cinema’s Rashid Minhas location. The protesters claimed that they were unarmed and left Nueplex the moment security told them to do so, but were stopped right outside the gate.
They further alleged that they were manhandled, beaten, and had their phones taken away and their data deleted.
Narrating the incident to Images, one of the pro-testers revealed: “We ar-rived at the protest around 2:30pm. They forced us out of the cinema and when we were exiting, we heard this girl screaming, she was one of ours. Four guards had snatched her phone saying she was re-cording a video. When we get to her, the Nueplex security forced us down into the basement, they head butted us with their guns, they pointed a gun at a 17-year-old. There were 20 of them against four of us. They also made us kneel while we waited for the police to come pick us up.”

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