Protest against quack doctor

Staff Reporter


The Talhar police yet failed to lodge an FIR against accused quack doctor of Talhar town who was held a responsible of the young married girl of Khaskheli community, death during her delivery, two months earlier.
The large numbers of protestors hailing from different parts of district Badin and Talhar including led by Dr. Abdul Aziz Khaskheli, Javid Iqbal Khaskheli, Faiz Muhammad Khaskheli and others have staged a protest demonstration on Friday infront of Badin Press Club against the fake (Atai) doctor of Talhar town and alleged her for responsible of the death of their young girl, late Shabnum Khaskheli.
While protesting, they held quack doctor as responsible of the death of their young girl and alleged her for grave negligence as she was stab to death.
While protesting they reject the inquiry report issued by health department as according to them it was biased.
Adding they demanded that transparent inquiry against the quack doctor and justice with parents of young girl by providing them protection.

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