Protest against online cabs

TAXI and Rickshaw drivers unions of twin cities staged protests in Islamabad and Rawalpindi on Sunday against on-line cab service. In Rawalpindi, they blocked Murree Road for hours and also resorted to sabotage. In Islamabad, they parked their vehicles on at Rawal Dam Chowk, creating obstacle in the smooth flow of traffic.
Taxis have become a very important part of the transportation system of almost every big and small city. Booking a cab online has become a latest trend in different metropolitan cities across the globe and after Karachi and Lahore, such online cab services are now also available in other areas including Rawalpindi/ Islamabad. Taxi and rickshaw owners and drivers might have some genuine and legal grievances but they must keep in mind that the country cannot ignore a global trend and advantages of technology in different fields and in different ways. Before introduction of online cab service, it was quite difficult to catch or call a taxi and the drivers used to fleece customers especially during strikes and wheel-jams. People heaved a sigh of relief when some online companies started their services in different cities and as a result the travel and transportation woes of the people were resolved to a great extent. Survey and feedback reveals that citizens are quite satisfactory with the service and are fully exploiting the opportunity to their own advantage. It has also been observed that these online services charge much less than ordinary taxis and rickshaws and the quality of the service is also much higher. Often tax drivers fleeced and looted passengers and went scot-free as there was no track of them but in the case of online service, the name of the driver, the number of the cab and its entire route is on record and there are almost no chances of any wrongdoing. We believe that instead of lodging useless protests, the tax drivers should maintain their vehicles well and remain competitive, as this is only way of survival in the present age.

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