Protest against killing of Muslims in Myanmar, Syria

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Clerics addressing at protest demonstration and Friday congregations all over the country that held to mark solidarity with Muslims of Syria and Burma stated that it is responsibility of Muslim Ummah to raise voice against prevailing genocide of Muslims in Burma and Syria. They also demanded of the governments of Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to take stand over ongoing atrocities on the Muslims of Syria and Burma.
On appeal of Wafaq-ul-Masajid Pakistan, a sub-organization of Pakistan Ulema Council, congregations were held here on Friday in 74,000 mosques all over the country and demanded of UNO and Islamic Summit to seek immediate arrangements for people of Aleppo to settle them in their city and interference on part of Russia and Iran in Syria should be stopped. After distorting peace in Syria and Iraq, enemies of Islam have announced to interfere in affairs of Bahrain and Yemen, which is very alarming in its consequences, said clerics.
The clerics also urged on governments of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar to take stand over prevailing atrocities against the Muslims of Aleppo and Burma and security of Muslims should be ensured in Syrian and Burma on priority grounds. They said that dictatorial regime of Bashar-ul-Asad is being supported to continue carnage of Syrian Muslims.
The clerics also demanded of world leadership to make an end to foreign intervention in affairs of Muslim countries specifically in issues of Arab World stating that world witnessing turmoil owing to foreign interference in affairs of Middle East and Arab world.
Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehood Ashrafi, Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council, while addressing Aleppo Conference that held here in Lahore and later addressing with a congregation to express solidarity with Muslims of Syria and Burma stated that US, Russia and Iran are jointly carrying out conspiracies against Muslims all over the world.

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