Protest against HEC

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has failed once again in its efforts to provide high quality education to its most underprivileged province, Balochistan. Recently, during an entry test conducted in Bolan Medical College there have been reports that most of the students had openly and rather shamelessly cheated in the test and were quite successful with this. Unfortunately, HEC overlooked this act and failed to stop those who were ineligible for entry, much to the disappointment of the deserving students who worked hard to achieve their admission.
It is mentioned that quite a large number of candidates have shown dissatisfaction and protested against the unfair system that the HEC has depicted by letting this act of deceit just slip by unnoticed. If the HEC, which is responsible for the education system of our country and holds the future of our ambitious students, encourages such acts then what should our expectations be towards our government? Imagine if every student becomes a doctor just because they had passed out by cheating? Our future and well-being will surely be destroyed by this so-called future generation of doctors. I therefore request the concerned authorities to look into this serious matter and to cancel or repeat the test with strict monitoring of all students for the benefit and satisfaction of the diligent medical students.
Turbat Balochistan

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