Protection of Chinese nationals

ACCORDING to reports, security is being beefed up around Chinese citizens streaming into Pakistan on the back of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) related projects. The additional measures include thousands-strong police protection force, tighter monitoring of Chinese nationals and review of security arrangements in Balochistan. The protection force would buttress a 15,000-strong army division set up specifically to safeguard projects under the umbrella of CPEC and the manpower working on them.
The decision of the provinces to raise additional police force specifically for this purpose would surely help address the challenge thrown by forces hostile to the historic project. Pakistan’s enemies especially India is on record having said on a number of occasions to undermine the project, which is progressing well despite conspiracies. There are also reports that Indian consulates in Afghanistan are constantly engaged in activities aimed at harming CPEC progress through different tactics including sponsoring of attacks on Chinese nationals. This is known to our authorities since long and therefore, vigilance should have been exercised from the very first day. In that case, we would not have witnessed incidents like kidnapping of Chinese teachers whose fate is still not known in the backdrop of controversial video that hinted at their murder. Raising of a CPEC-specific army division is step in the right direction but foolproof security cannot be ensured until and unless provinces and their police forces are taken on board as CPEC projects and the manpower working on them is spread all over the country. In fact, it is also duty of every citizen to keep a watch on his or her surroundings to observe and report any suspicious activity. Chinese are here in Pakistan as guests of the country and are engaged in projects and programmes that have direct bearing on the progress and welfare of the people. Therefore, it is our duty to ensure their security and join hands in thwarting designs of the enemy.

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