Prostitution & narcotics dens

Mehraj Altaf

The Provincial capital where the police and other authorities have failed to save the children to be abused and prostituted by giving them some dangerous drugs by which they could feel less pain or will be unconscious. More than 447 dens are available in the city police division, among them 153 are related to gambling, approximately 71 to prostitution and other 223 are to drug peddling. In Lahore more than 1,906 are the “safe havens” for these criminals and they are divided into three types of crime categories. Among them 1,123 are selling and dealing in drugs, nearly 318 in prostitution and more than 465 in gambling. In Model Town Division nearly 227 such places are present and among them 44 were for gambling, 53 of prostitution and 180 of drug peddlets’ dens.
The government is indifferent in paying attention to solve this serious issue which is being perpetrated in our Provincial capital and destroying the life of the people and children who are being prostituted and have been the victim of gambling. Moreover, a big mafia is also emerging in the form of professional beggars, found everywhere and at every nook and corner of the city.
The women beggars intoxicate small children, carry them along and try to squeeze sympathies of the people and collect easy money. They are involved in every crime like prostitution, cheating, stealing, pick-pocketing and even dacoities and planned robberies. I request the government to take a step forward to eradicate this menace and arrest the people behind this organized crime, that is putting honour, prestige, security and self-respect of the nation.
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