Proposal for Hawkes Bay Expressway sent to Chinese govt

Staff reporter

The proposal for the construction of Hawkesbay Expressway along Mauripur Road has been sent to the Chinese government for approval, a Chinese delegation told Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar on Wednesday. The mayor was presiding over a meeting attended by the Chinese delegation. The expressway will be constructed with the assistance of the Chinese government.
Akhtar said Hawkesbay Expressway would provide much-needed relief to commuters who had to put up with traffic jams on Mauripur Road every day caused by the movement of trailer trucks. “This project will allow citizens easy access to the coastal belt and the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) will assist in every way for this purpose,” he added. Akhtar said he wanted to take all stakeholders on board including the provincial government for the project.
He instructed the director technical to help the Chinese delegation in its preparations for the project. The members of the delegation said they had arranged the required investment on a Government-to-Government basis and the project’s proposal had been sent to the Chinese government for approval.
It was decided that the mayor would ask the governor to hold a meeting with all stakeholders including the federal and provincial governments so that everybody’s interests could be protected.

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