Proper U-turn!

The present U-turn at Murree-road for turning of – ten-thousand-plus – tax-payers of Margallah Town, Islamabad, seems to present signal of Capital Development Authority “not only U-turn but also, U-kill”! A lot of loss-of-life-and-property has so far suffered by the residents, while turning home. The responsible department is arguing that due to VVIP’s route, the ‘Turn’ cannot be maintained for general traffic. When VVIPs passes through, traffic-police takes control and after that residents cross the road at their own risk. So, everyone is compelled to say that this ‘culture’ has destroyed image of the nation!
The scribe is compelled to pen down that the town is located near CDA’s headquarters even then does not enjoy proper basic facility of “U-turn, education, health, water, roads, sanitation and the likes” since its establishment 45-years ago. Margallah Town Welfare Society – a group of educated and senior citizens – in addition to manage a lot of social activities established a well-secured, security system in the Town. In addition to above, Society tried its best to get a proper U-turn, but not succeeded yet even after CDA’s promises.
So, one can say, this is the reason that the deprived people, motivated by political figures, sometimes join the marches towards D-Chowk to vent their anger/frustration created by injustice and discrimination. If responsible authorities and public representatives serve the people according to their slogan “Khadim-e-Awam” nobody would forward single-step to join marches and sit-ins. The Town is situated adjacent to Chack Shahzad’s Farm of Hon. Minister for CADD and many other VVIPs. Being voters/ neighbours of these VVIPs, residents of the Town will suggest for a proper U-turn.

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