Promotions in Senate Secretariat made under relevant promotional rules

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—Promotions in the Senate Secretariat are made under the relevant promotional rules approved by the Senate Finance Committee and the ex-cadre officers are placed in the next higher grade after a fixed length of service in the respective cadre. This has been clarified in a news handout released by the Upper House here on Sunday. According to the Senate secretariat the Upper house has taken notice of a news item in a section of the press (not Pakistan Observer) captioned “Promotion Criteria in Senate is Vague” and dismissed the perception that promotions in the Senate Secretariat are not in accordance with the rules.
The Senate spokesman says that according to the factual position Senate Secretariat is a constitutional body created under Article-87 of the Constitution. The Upper House being a constitutional body does not fall under the purview of the Establishment Division. It has its own recruitment rules formulated under Article 87 of the Constitution. However, the Secretariat follows the promotion criteria of the Estacode, with such modifications and variations as approved by the competent authority.
The spokesman while referring to a petition filed in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) as well said the petitioner who has filed writ petition in the Islamabad High Court has a track record of filing appeals and petitions against his senior colleagues in the cadre of Editor of Debates. However in order to achieve certain motives and giving the case high profile he has clubbed the Secretary of the Senate with his ex-cadre unit head.
The petitioner belongs to the specialist cadre of Editor of Debates in the Senate Secretariat, which is not common in the Federal Government and there were no promotion incentives for the Officers working as Editor of Debates. The Senate Secretariat with the approval of the Senate Finance Committee has made promotional rules for the ex-cadre posts whereby they can be promoted upto BS-20. They are also granted placements in next higher grades after a fixed length of service, which is not available in other departments.
The promotions of the officers in the Senate Secretariat against the posts of Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary are made according to the promotion criteria mentioned in the Estacode and after fulfilling all the codal formalities. By systematic leakage of the Writ Petition to the media, the Petitioner as tried to malign the office of the Secretary Senate, which is office of the constitutional body created under Article 87 of the Constitution, the statement concludes.

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