Promotion of good sentiments

Asim Munir

There is no denying the fact that in the process of extreme commercialism and materialism, we have lost a number of good sentiments like tolerance, patience, accommodation and restraint due to which many social and other ills have weakened fibre of our society which is a matter of concern for every sensible person around.
Quite obviously, in order to save the society from further breaking up and withering away of our centuries old traditions and values, there is dire need for promotion of sentiments of restraint, tolerance, listening and accommodating each other’s point of view in the society; and the youth, which is major part of the population, can certainly and surely play a positive role in this regard.The much-needed advice given by the CM Punjab to a delegation of Young Presidents’ Organization that called on him in Lahore the other day.
Hopefully, the enterprising leadership of the Young Presidents’ Organization will heed to the good and timely advice given by the Chief Minister and make concerted efforts to spread the message all over the society through its members as revival and promotion of spirit of tolerance, patience, restraint and accommodation will also go a long way in promoting soft, positive and forward looking image of Pakistan in the face of menace of extremism and militancy.
— Rawalpindi

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