Promotion of arts

Hadiya Aziz

Arts is the important part of every society, and it is classified in to two aspects. First, it narrates the difficult messages through creativity without use of any words. Second art depicts the culture of its society. In Pakistan from the last decade, the exposure of art among the youth has been very restricted. It is not because youth are not creative enough but the main reason is that they not have right platform to showcase their talent.
There is a lot of creativity in the land of Pakistan but we just need to explore and promote it. Promotion of art should be appreciated at government level, as they can provide platforms and guide youth to how to explore their talent. Media can also play important role in the promotion of art in Pakistan, by magnifying the impact and role of art in the society.
Appraisal is important at governmental level to all the artistes/artists who are currently working, which is necessary to give them more motivation. It also helps the new comers to get awareness and motivation.

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