Promoting national narrative

AS some self-exiled Baloch elements, with active patronage and support of India, embarked upon a propaganda campaign in some European countries including the United Kingdom to malign Pakistan, the visit of a parliamentary delegation from Balochistan to London afforded a good opportunity to put things in right perspective and project the national narrative in a clearer manner during interaction with British parliamentarians and media. The members of the delegation spoke their mind during a reception hosted by Pakistan High Commissioner, urging estranged Baloch nationalists to shun their secessionist tendencies and join the national mainstream for their own benefit, the province and the country.
The visit by parliamentarians from Balochistan is a step in the right direction as true representatives of people of the province they negated the propaganda being unleashed by some elements at the instance of our enemies, which is surely aimed at destabilising Pakistan and depriving Balochistan of fruits of progress and development that is becoming a reality with the launch of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Former Chief Minister of the province Dr Maalik had a point when he emphasised that people of Balochistan want to get their rights within the legal and constitutional framework of Pakistan. Speaker Rahila Durrani asserted that Balochistan is heart of Pakistan and people of the province are proud Pakistanis. Dr Ruquiya Hashmi, MPA was more blunt in her speech as she told Mehran Marri to learn lesson from the approach adopted by his brothers Changzeb Marri, who is a sitting Minister in Balochistan Cabinet and Gzain Marri, who returned from exile after 18 years to face courts. While appreciating the visit and what the parliamentarians put across during their interaction in London, we would urge that similar delegations should be dispatched to other important and relevant capitals to counter Indian propaganda. At the same time, dialogue process should be initiated with estranged leaders, as there is no substitute to national reconciliation through peaceful means. Developmental activities in Balochistan would also bear fruit when there is true understanding of the process and people are convinced that the policy of socio-economic development is aimed at their welfare and that they are the masters of their own destiny.

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