Promote Pakistani culture


Social conflicts, developments of technologies and borrowing attitudes can produce changes within a society by altering social dynamics and promoting new cultural models under the cover of new attitudes and behaviours. These social shifts may accompany ideological and watchful postures of particular societies. This is the same what is happening in Pakistan extracting Indian mode of culture through their movies, dramas, dance contests and other charity shows. Talking about Indian dramas, various traditional celebrations like Holy, Divali, Karvachaut and Rakhi engraves a perfect impact in our children’s mind. It is due to that most of our children started mixing Hindi words in their routine Urdu language which is really thought provoking and eye opening issue.
Now our children are more aware of Indian traditions than that of Pakistani traditions and ethics. One can easily observe that Indian dramas project more their culture and customs than focusing on story which evidently shows that their purpose is to spread disloyalty among our young generations and mold them according to Indian traditions. Such kinds of scenes are deliberately inducted in first portion of movies to inject religious fundamentals in coming generations. This factor influences increasingly in the conscious of our children by declining them from Islamic ethics and code of conducts.
On the other hand, our ladies saw heavy jewelries wearing by Indian women in Indian dramas they made stupendous perception about India and impress from their culture that in every event they gift heavy jewelry to their ladies but they neglect the fact that it is not the real India what they show in dramas. In fact, half of India is suffering from poverty and most people live in below poverty line. There are so many ethnic conflicts in India and Muslims are treated like minority especially in those areas where Hindus are in majority. Muslims are not allowed to celebrate their traditions.
In spite of all these flaws they show only positive sketch of India and promote their religion explicitly. Flood of those dramas took changes in our showbiz celebrities also that we can see Pakistani models walking on ramps with “Sundoor” on their foreheads. Their showbiz celebrities can also be seen in our product advertisements. I am sure I am not the only one annoyed when we see Indian models in our ads.
In Indian movies whenever they show some ethnic groups or some terrorist organisation they always give them Muslims names. In their movies they show that Muslims are extremists while in India there are so many extremist groups who are slaughtering human beings he most paramount example of occupied Kashmiri’s Muslims and rest of other Muslims live in various parts of India but they always mutilate the innocent face of Pakistan. Their all anti-Pakistani movies ultimately end up with victory of Indian Army and defeat of Pakistan showing patriotic nature of Indian troops and rebellious attitudes of Pakistani soldiers. Such an illusionary and totally dreamlike picture inscribes worst images in our young generation.
It is the inevitability of this dire issue that our young generation must be inculcated through our movies and dramas all that what is being thrust in our mind. What is the reason behind that after thousands of years living together Hindu Muslim could not merge? Surely it is the conflict of ethics, religions, customs, traditions and diversity of cultures that was named “Two Nation Theory” forced to struggle for a separate Muslim homeland Pakistan.
India imposed a ban on Pakistani channels more than a decade ago and after all the efforts Pakistan put into lifting that ban, India has not given a positive feedback till now saying that Pakistani channels promote things that are anti-India. In response why can’t we stop airing Indian shows on Pakistani channels imposing ban on their channels too. Media has a vital role to change the behaviours of generations to come and raise a campaign on grand scale “Say no to Indian channels and shows”. It is my request to the media to stop airing Indian shows till the time that India does not allow Pakistani channels to be aired in their country.
— The writer is freelance columnist based in Rawalpindi.