Prominent businessmen and key officials of UBG resign

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Karachi—Former Senior Vice President and Vice Presidents of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Abdul Rahim Janoo, Yahya Polani, Ubaidullah Qadri, Shahnawaz Istiaq and Jawed Jilani, have resigned from the United Business Group (UBG) due to “UBG’s failure to resolve issues faced by business community”, says a press release.
Rahim Janoo said that the country’s exports had been declined by over $4 billion which needed a dynamic and high profile business leader to become president of the FPCCI who could lead the business community through apex body with his professional capabilities.
He said that the next year candidate for president FPCCI was announced by one man of the group without consulting the group leadership and rather planned to have endorsement from the handpicked core committee which was unethical, non-professional and mischievous act.
Yahya Polani, Ubaidullah Qadri and Jawed Jilani noted in their resignations that they resigned from the group and all ancillary positions held by them owing to, what they said, an abject failure of UBG to resolve problems of business community and its failure in enhancing the prestige of green passport.
They further said the Patron inChief of UBG, SM Muneer who is also head of TDAP is a inefficient CEO and in his tenure the country exports have massively declined due to his involvement in trade politics which is immoral, illegal and unethical.

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