For progressive Pakistan new narrative need of hour

Umar Saif briefs media on upcoming two-day event Afkar-e-Taza

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Only progressive thinking in the youth can set new narrative to make Progressive Pakistan in accordance with the ideology of Pakistan set by father of the nation Qauid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Dr. Umar Saif founding Vice Chancellor of Information Technology University (ITU) the Punjab said while briefing here today the media representatives regarding the upcoming two day event “Afkar-e-Taza” ThinkFest being organized on January 13-14, 2018 by ITU the Punjab at Alhamra Mall road in collaboration with Federal Higher Education Commission, Punjab Higher Education Commission and other private sector organizations.
He said that the event a blend of the prominent personalities and speakers of international repute from academia and literature would motivate the women and the youth by providing a forum to raise their voice. It was the first time that in Lahore that any Nobel Prize Laureate would be among the keynote speakers i.e. Mrs. Tawakkol Karman Yemini presently settled in Turkey while the other keynote speaker include Rt. Hon. Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, lately Chairman Conservative Party UK and former Foreign office Minister, he added.
Dr. Saif further informed that a number of 112 high profile speakers among them 25 from around the globe and representatives of 35 universities from all the four provinces and delegations from six universities will deliberate on promoting the new thinking to deal with the existing radicalization in our universities.

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