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How could I forget the mother who reached Pakistan with the dead body of her small kid in her lap? How could I forget the time when we did not have any arrangement to treat the wounds of the immigrants who migrated from India to Pakistan? Yet they had high spirits and strong conviction. However, it is unfortunate that we are left with only one fourth of the Pakistan for which one million Muslims laid their lives.
This was the gist of the views shared by Advocate Azad Bin Haider, an active member of the Independence movement of Pakistan, front line warrior of Quaid-i-Azam, a great admirer of Allama Iqbal and author of many of books on Pakistan Movement. Haider was addressing the monthly socio-literary gathering of Nuqta-i-Nazar, atAiwan-i-Quaid,Nazriya Pakistan Council (NPC) on the topic Tameer-i-Pakistan Aur Hum.
Expressing his ignominy to Quaid’s soul, he said that JunaGarh, Deccan and Kashmir were lost due to the then international politics whereas East Pakistan later got separated from the Pakistan that the Quaid won from the Hindus and the British.
Responding to the queries of the participants, the honorable speaker said that Quaid-i-Azam considered a strong educational system indispensable in ensuring the defense of the country.
Ensuring access to education is the key to enable our generations to equip themselves with the latest technology as well as learn about our glorious history, thus contributing towards inculcating self-esteem in them. Progress and prosperity of Pakistan depends upon guaranteeing to provide the country with an educated generation rather than building huge plazas and constructing numerous roads. Moreover, he expressed his grief on the prevailing mind set to build up personal bank balances. Our forefathers established this country after spending all their wealth and assets, he said.
Mr. Haider also paid homage to his late old friend and founder of NPC, Mr. Zahid Malik in connection with his contributions to make NPC a prominent and vibrant platform to promote Pakistan’s ideology.

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