Problematic assignment

I am writing this letter to show my concern on a very problematic issue of Karachi University students. It is problematic because many students’ result and GPA depend upon this mass communication assignment, as each and every mark affect our GPA I am referring to mass communication assignment of writing letters to editor.
I am an English Department student and have mass communication as minor and other social sciences students, for example, Economics, International Relations and Psychology have mass communication as minor. Students who have mass communication as their major subject along with these letters also have to write articles and blogs. Some students have to write five to seven letters and some even ten or eleven. We have to write these letters to standardized and renowned newspapers, otherwise they are not accepted. Letters to editor assignment is a mark assignment and these marks are added in our semester result.
As there is a large number of letters sent to newspapers it is also a problem for the editors to review them and publish them and not all letters are publishable. As a student of English Department, we have to write to English newspaper. There are a few students whose letters have been published but majority of students has not gotten even one letter published. Letters of students published are not more then two or three whereas we have to publish five or seven letters before our semester exams.
We students are very much worried about our marks because of our GPA. Through your widely circulated newspaper I would like to make aware other newspapers about this crucial problem of Karachi University students, with a hope that this letter will make some difference and will help us.

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