Problem that patients with epilepsy go through in their lives,

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A press conference for epilepsy awareness was recently held by National Epilepsy Centre, JPMC, Karachi where famous television and social activist Ms Nadia Jamil addressed the audience.
She disclosed her to be having epilepsy since 2011, has been taking regular medicine and lives a fully professional, domestic and an activist’s life.
She talked about the problem that patients with epilepsy go through in their lives and emphasized the importance of public awareness which should reach every remote nook and corner of Pakistan, so that the common man understands what epilepsy is and that it is treatable.
Prof Hasan Aziz and Dr Zarine Mogal spoke on the need of establishing the National Epilepsy Centre and how it has been functioning for the last 10 years.
National Epilepsy Centre is the only centre dedicated exclusively towards the management of people with epilepsy in Pakistan since 2007. Qualified specialists closely evaluate, diagnose and manage the patients. The specific diagnostic test – EEG with video recording is carried out here. Each patient is provided 30 days antiepileptic medicines at a token cost.
To date, about 8800 patients are registered with most coming for a monthly follow-up and their medicine quota. National Epilepsy Centre has been able to continue providing quality services to all people with epilepsy through the gracious donations of concerned citizens belonging to all walks of life.

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