Prioritise water conservation

THE country is experiencing a long dry spell, which has started affecting normal life as apart from loss of agriculture, people are suffering from different diseases. This country-wide phenomenon is likely to persist for an indefinite period as weather forecasts say there would be little or no rain even in January, which might accentuate even drinking water crisis that is already there in Barani areas.
Wheat yield in rain-fed area is definitely going to be much less than projected but the situation in canal areas might not be much different as there is significant reduction in water level in all the water reservoirs. This would again mean missing of GDP growth rate target, as agriculture sector is unexpected to perform well in this scenario. It is understood that we can’t do much as far as rain is concerned but unfortunately there is still lack of required level of awareness among the masses as well as government to conserve the precious water that we have. Millions of gallons of water is wasted daily in homes, offices, businesses and industries and there are no measures for re-use of water as is the case in many other countries. Similarly, we are also delaying execution of plans for construction of water reservoirs. Some of them including Kalabagh Dam have been politicised while work on others could not be initiated because of incompetence of WAPDA and Ministry of Water and Power as well as lack of financial resources. It is all the more regrettable when neighbouring India is working on dozens of water reservoirs that, on completion, could potentially dry Pakistan forever?

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