Priorities for new govt

What reposes public trust and confidence-building is when leaders deliver what they promise amid election fever and campaigning with commitments. Though NAB’s endeavour to inculcate character building at school may seem and sound too idealistic and ritualistic for our leaders’ higher priorities for the nation, yet it is in the instilling at the grassroots level through education and media the spirit of fellow feeling and self-accountability lies the secret of a welfare society.
National priorities for new Government include quality education at affordable cost, vocational training enabling masses to acquire practical skills towards self-reliance, freely or nominally available medical consultancy, treatment and medication, cheap transport, low-priced housing, healthy environ and legal aid for the less privileged. Deviating from the status quo in Pakistan’s foreign policy is a question of statesmanship extending an olive branch with grace, dignity and honour to the ill-designed and menacing antagonists of international power politics with tactical gains through ambassadorial art, skill and acumen. Tough ask indeed!
Praying for our leaders in being trend-setters for the masses as a harmonious blend of mutual cheers, trust and cooperation, rising over and above self, practicing all the good that they have been preaching, being able to skilfully join hands with our media to project our positive image abroad towards a better and brighter Pakistan.

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