Print media is not dying

Rabeeia Ahmed

In these days when technology advancements have reached at its peak, people generally think print media have become obsolete. The widespread use of electronic devices such as tablets, computers, kindle and smart phones has enabled their users to access almost everything. These are the devices due of which people think that print medium is dying and it will not be any more in future. Although the reality is slightly different because actually the invention of these gadgets and the facility of internet have given print media a new life. The existence of e-papers and blogs are the proof of the strength which print media have gained in last few years and these online portals are the extension of the print media.
The World Wide Web has provided stability to the print industry. Now almost all the publications have their e-versions on the internet and the publications which do not have widespread networks on internet are not considered stable. Internet has not only revived print media but it has also introduced new terms in journalism, such as online journalism and citizen journalism.
After witnessing the popularity of the online media and the inclined interest of people towards it, some people say that web journalism will replace print publications. Although the point is that most interactive journalism websites on internet are the newspaper websites which are managed and owned by print publishers themselves. Online media is strong enough to support print media but it cannot replace it. Websites and blogs can’t take the place of print media because of many reasons and the two most common reasons are the lack of finance and professional staff. Most online sites don’t have proper sources to generate income, they usually get very few ads and even if they have many ads, they don’t get high rates to display them because they are not a proper company or a network.
Even if they manage to generate money, they don’t have professional reporters and journalists because experts are hired by the large networks of print publishers. One has to realize that both the mediums have their own importance. They are the useful mediums and we can ensure maximum utilization of them both if we use them together. Both mediums can provide support to each other if used in collaboration.

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