Primership, Imran and Pakistan



Naveed Aman Khan

FROM 2008 to 20013 because of pathetic democratic deliverance and performance of Pakistan Peoples Party government, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf started emerging as an alternative political party. Pakistan Muslim League (N) was already in the opposition highlighting and criticizing different issues. Worst performance of Pakistan People’s Party gave way to PTI. In the year 2013 PPP government ended its term with two Prime Ministers, Memogate scandal, Zardari’s Swiss accounts matter and corruption on a massive scale. In the 2013 elections, PML-N, PPP and PTI participated; PPP was washed out as per expectations but PTI could only win 32 NA seats. Before 2013, Imran had been claiming that PTI would certainly swallow the elections with clean sweep. Besides ‘electables’ PTI could not deliver and swallow. Pre-2013 general elections for couple of years Imran has been enjoying popularity level of the best of his entire political career. Imran in his that best time could not swallow the elections. Now after five long years PTI could not change anything in KP. At the federal level, Imran remained mostly on roads and mountains. During this time the only thing which Imran did was marrying twice mysteriously and that’s all.
During the year 2014 because of Pervaiz Musharraf Article-6 high treason case the political power started shifting from the hands of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to the unseen hands. Sit in of PTI for 126 days paralyzed the government. Pakistan Awami Tehreek leader Tahir-ul-Qadri joined Imran and mess was created at D Chowk in front of the Presidency, Parliament and Supreme Court. Imran is participating in elections-2018 with the same old outdated political system. Imran Khan has always been against this political system dubbing it pro-Nawaz/Zardari. Attack on PTV and Parliament, civil disobedience provocation, SSP Asmatullah Junejo incident and cursing of Parliament are at the {dis-)credit of PTI. Imran Khan is over confident with all corrupt and rejected candidates of different parties. With the help of these corrupt politicians Imran is desirous of solving all the ills of the country. Suppose if PTI wins, all the Miniseries and Departments will be handed over to the same corrupt lot. Will they turn honest and loyal after taking oath and joining their offices? The answer is a big No.
After spending five years on the roads Imran could not even bring any betterment. Then what was the outcome of this five years long marathon road march? On April 29, 2018 Imran again decided to show his political power to the political opponent PML-N in its home and at the same time to the unseen masters. Imran turned this Lahore procession in a convention gathering people from KP and other cities of Punjab. Was it a Lahore-based political power show or a convention? Imran can better elaborate. As per task Imran could not bring couple of hundred thousand people to Manto Park. So plan A could not work. It is believed that PTI this time again can’t outclass PML-N besides’ justice ‘ bestowed to Sharif. After years of long boycott of one of the leading TV Channels, Imran appeared in an interview and once again continued with his yet orthodox thesis. He again blamed that in 2013 Nawaz Sharif won elections with the favor and help of Pak Army. Just imagine in opposition of Nawaz Sharif how is he blaming and exposing the political involvement and role of the Establishment. Besides many other shortcomings Imran is non-diplomatic and non-political personality. Same mistake he made in 2014 when he repeatedly started saying about probable rising finger of the Umpire. Now he is rather blaming Establishment of Pakistan. Keeping these examples in view for a moment just think if PTI wins will Imran be the best choice for premiership?
Imran is ignorant of the history and demography of Pakistan. In Lahore procession he talked about Ayub Khan regime. He graded Ayub Khan regime as best ever as for as development is concerned. For his knowledge GDP rate by then was just 3.71 billion dollars in 1960 which is lowest ever as compared to the year 2016 which touched the level of 284 billion dollars. Remember this was the year when we raised hue and cry and opened Panama jackpot in the ‘ best interest of the country and the nation ‘. Imran Khan wishes to pay back foreign loans of 27000 billion dollars with charity money. Mind it Mr Khan such gigantic amounts can’t be paid back with charity. To whom are you making fool? Imran feels that Pakistan even can make its way forward amid tension among state institutions and political powers. Coordination among all political powers and institutions is mandatory. Charter of Democracy (CoD)was an excellent document which could benefit country and the nation but unfortunately when in 2012 Pakistan People’s Party leader Asif Ali Zardari was in trouble because of Memogate scandal Mian Nawaz Sharif did not honour CoD and now Asif Zardari has started dozing when Nawaz Sharif is catching at a straw.
Even today and onwards all the political powers can save themselves by saving others with solidarity, coordination and unity. This is not the time of balancing the debts at all. On the other hand anxiously waiting for his chance of premiership Imran believes that one who joins him is ‘clean’ while the one who stands in front of him is corrupt. He feels that corruption means embezzlement of money. Again for his knowledge corruption have different shapes and forms in any society. Bhutto, Ghulam Ishaq Khan even Yahya Khan were not financially corrupt but nation can find their finger prints on the wreckage of this poor country. Nation can’t ignore such finger prints any longer. It is a matter of serious concern that not even a single Prime Minister could complete his or her Democratic term in our history of 72 long years. Last Pakistan People’s Party term was concluded with two Prime Ministers. Now Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz is completing its democratic term again with two Prime Ministers. Same formula was opted during two back-to-back democratic terms. Can Imran read this lesson and writing on the wall? Honestly speaking the next cabinet and the Prime Minister seem to be the weakest ever. No matter it is Imran’s term or not.
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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