Pressure horns make life miserable

DESPITE rules banning use of pressure horns, these continue to play with our ear drums. In a letter to the editor published in this daily on Wednesday, the writer has rightly drawn attention towards the physiological and psychological havoc being played by the brutal use of pressure horns by motorists in our daily lives.
Although the use of these horns is strictly prohibited in silence zones, near hospitals, residential areas and educational institutions yet for the bus and truck drivers and especially those riding bikes, honking pressure horns is a normal activity. This not only shows their impatience but also their sheer insensitivity towards the rights of others. According to medical experts, noise pollution could cause irritation, hypertension, tinnitus, sleeping disorder, paralysis and continuous exposure to loud noise increases stress levels so much that it could induce heart attacks. According to the motor vehicle rules, two-wheelers should not use horns emitting more than 80 decibels. Similarly, for cars and petrol auto rickshaws the limit is 82 decibels, light heavy vehicles and diesel auto rickshaws 85 decibels and lorry and buses 91 decibels. However, in our country those riding bikes are using such high decibel horns that otherwise should not be used even in big vehicles. Though the relevant laws exist but still the concerned authorities appear to be least bothered to implement them. Periodically campaigns are launched by the police department on implementation of traffic rules but then we see them turning their back and resting to peace. Given the harmful effects of noise pollution, we will urge police department to launch a vigorous and incessant campaign against the use of pressure horns and impose heavy fines on their users. We can purge our roads and surroundings of these horns provided the police show the same kind of commitment the one exhibited by Islamabad Traffic police over the use of helmets by motorcyclists. Awareness campaigns should also be launched especially on the print and electronic media over the harms of pressure horns. We expect that both the Federal and Provincial authorities will fulfil their responsibilities in this regard as well as the motorists will also demonstrate the sensitivity to free the society from this nuisance.

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