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Islamabad—National Press Islamabad organized a grand music night for the families of journalists of twins cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi at its premises. The music night began with the jingle of musical instruments, wherein young musicians amused the audience with melody of different ancient and modern musical instruments along with Ddolak, Tabla, Guitar and Harmonium.
On the occasion, different singers and music groups performed in front of audience, giving huge amusement to the families of journalists and getting big admiration from the audience.
Full with joy, entertainment, beautiful melodious from the sixties till todate, amd delicious dinner – this all was present, after the hottest long day in capital in the grand musical night held at NPC open air theater.
Famous female vices of the country, Pop classical singer ,~Melody Queen “Saira Arshad, Haniya Shah, Canadian-born Pakistani singer, Qasim Jan, Momen Jan Bilal Subhani fascinated the audience with their melodious voice and with classical, semi-classical, mystic songs including, contemporary music and the national songs for the children.
This was the first experience of such family entertainments at the “Grand Musical Night”. Nasir Aslam Raja renowned TV Host and chairman National Press Club Islamabad cultural committee entertained the audience with his typical Pothoari style.
Highly commendable performance was that of Saira Arshad songs, fascinated the audience with classical and mystical songs, where ‘Dhamal‘ was performed by the participants in front of stage.
Saira Arshad got big applause from the august audience and amused the gathering on the occasion with her enthralling style of singing.
What was really praiseworthy was the performance of the young guitarist, Haniya Shah, Canadian born Pakistani singer, Qasim Jan, Momen Jan, who is visually impaired and did a wonderful job with a precise accompaniment.
Bilal Subhani, also known as voice for infants, amused the children with national songs and created thrilling moments on the occasion for children. The new talent was also introduced to link musical knowledge with practical experience, for leading to a better understanding of their own abilities, talent and career goals. However, what slightly marred the performance was the excessively enthusiastic appreciation by the audience. They applauded in between each movement performed by the singer and, in other cases, began clapping heartily while a performance was in full swing, something that really upset the performers.

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