President’s pertinent statement

Javaid Bashir

President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan expressed his dissatisfaction over the government officials’ lack of interest in their work. He complained that the concerned authorities do not act upon his proposals. He had directed to remove Water & Power companies’ incompetent heads but it has not been done. The government official have become used to remaining idle and shrieking their duties. The government should ensure that these heads are appointed strictly on the basis of merit and their performance is checked periodically. There is a need for streamlining their work. I think President’s concern is quite alarming and indicative of general deterioration of services in the various government sectors. This attitude must change for the effective delivery of services. Most of these officials do not have the requisite qualifications and experience to handle the job. Let us reform and revamp these departments and weed out the dead wood and non performing recalcitrant officials.

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