President Mamnoon inspires Nation

ADDRESSING the high-profile flag-hoisting ceremony at the Convention Centre, attended by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, parliamentarians and the services chiefs, President Mamnoon Hussain spoke eloquently and emphatically about the way forward for the nation to cope with the myriad of challenges and achieve its due stature in the comity of nations. For this, he emphasized the need to revive the spirit of Pakistan Movement.
Indeed, the sacrifices of our forefathers are a beacon of light for the whole nation and acquainting, especially the young generation, with their teachings of equality, justice and fair play, has become important in order to build the country on the basis of our true ideology. Fully aware of his responsibilities as a fatherly figure, it is heartening to see that President Mamnoon never misses any opportunity to enlighten the students and youth about the country’s history and its true values, traditions and culture. At the Aiwan-e-Sadr, he often invites the youth and organizes such events that are directly related with the struggle and sacrifices of Pakistan Movement leaders. This very posture of the president reflects his strong love for Islamic Ideology and Pakistan. In fact, it is also the need of the hour to create awareness amongst the masses about the true ideology as there are certain elements who for their vested interests are engaged in creating confusion and misunderstanding about the country’s ideology. Therefore, this ideological clarity is required in order to ensure a prosperous, harmonious and secure future. In his address, the president also reflected the resolve of the nation when he stated that all the visible and invisible enemies will be chased and crushed with an iron hand. Indeed, when such strong and categorical words emanate from the top level, this absolutely rejuvenates the passion of the nation to stand up against all odds and meet the challenges head on. The words of the founding father Quaid-e-Azam are pearls of wisdom and we expect that the president will continue enlightening the young generation with them, which will bring clarity of thought in them on the issues of permanent importance.

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