Preserving historical sites

Sidra Anwar

Pakistan is a country rich with its historical monuments and sites. Some of the famous historical places include Shahi Qila, Hiran Minar, Shah Allah Ditta and Katas Raj. However, since the past few years, the essence and the beauty of these places seems to be fading away. For example the lake at Hiran Minar is polluted now, these historical places, which are memories from our Mughals are not being preserved in the way they should be. Littering, commentaries on walls and spitting of pan on the walls are common.
I appeal to govt and the person Incharge of the upkeep of heritage sites to place signboards for helpful rules. Consequences should also be communicated, such as the amount in fines one would pay for breaking rules. Security guards should be on duty and in order to avoid these things, CCTV cameras and ticketing system should be introduced. After all, monuments are heart of Pakistan and identity of our nation; therefore, it is our duty as Pakistani citizens to take care of our monuments.

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