Preserve moral values

Shiza Khan Zai

Pakistan, the land of the pure, our forefathers had to fight for and countless sacrifices put in to achieve that objective, 69 years ago, still appears to be a rudderless vessel sailing under the bounties of the Creator. Change, an oft-repeated enormous word as it seems but viewing the complexity of present national scenario there is yet another dimension to all this prospective. When people have awakened up from a long drowsiness and an unavoidable change lies in front of us, then at that point there comes some responsibility on our part. Behind every successful nation, there is a long trail of struggle and hardships of the whole nation; and so any change is not the result of the efforts of a single person. Technology, wealth, communication and transport are the basic ingredients of the development infrastructure of every nation that steers it onto the heights of success but there is something else which is the backbone of every developed nation and what we lack at the moment is far more crucial, i.e. the moral values – the strength of any society; but unfortunately, the same is the crumbling pillar in our case. Before his death, honourable Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah repeatedly stressed on “Unity, Faith and Discipline” – these three attributes if combine together, form what we refer to a bouquet of social or moral values. If today in this hour, we abide by the advice of Quaid, we don’t need any World Bank or IMF to support us because it’s our attitude that has blighted in last few years. Moreover, what we should do is to wipe away the self-centred approach and look in a broader perspective. Alama Iqbal’s dream, Quaid’s hard work and countless sacrifices must be kept in mind.
— Karachi

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