Preservation of heritage sites

Wajeeha Ahmad

Not everyone feels a connection with his cultural heritage, but many people do. What is it about cultural heritage that draws people to it? Some may think traditions are archaic and no longer relevant, and they are unnecessary during these modern times. Perhaps for some, they aren’t; but for others, exploring cultural heritage offers a robust variety of benefits. Culture can give people a connection to certain social values, beliefs, religions and customs. Cultural heritage can provide an automatic sense of unity and belonging within past and allows us to better understand previous generations and history of where we come from.
Another benefit that comes from preserving cultural heritage as a whole is the communal support. Heritage is made up of many things large and small. One can see it in the buildings, townscapes and even in the archaeological remains. Culture can be preserved through natural sources as well: the agriculture and landscape associated with it. It is preserved through books, artefacts, objects, pictures, photographs, art and oral tradition.
Cultural heritage does not just include the buildings but also includes the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the religion we follow, and the skills we learn. Sometimes one can touch and see what makes up a culture; other times it is intangible. I just want to ask the members of the so-called civil society if they have ever tried to preserve that part of culture and heritage. Where is our civil society when the whole society is undergoing decline of social and moral values? It is high time to preserve and protect our cultural heritage and symbols of glorious national past.

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