Premier transport service cancels passengers confirmed seats arbitrarily

Complaints regarding discriminating among passengers on rise

Zubair Qureshi

Daewoo Bus Service, the premiere private transport with largest network spreading from Karachi to Peshawar is fast losing credibility and trust of the passengers for discriminating among the people on basis of their social status. One such case was reported here on Saturday when a family from Bahawalpur currently visiting relatives in Islamabad was stranded here on Saturday that the tickets it reserved online from Rawalpindi to Bahwalpur for Sep 23, 2018 Sunday (today) were given to some army officer. The curious case of Shoaib Ali was brought to the notice of Pakistan Observer by the aggrieved family that is currently in Islamabad visiting relatives.
“We, my cousin Shahran Malik and I after reserving three tickets 5, 6 and 7 from Pindi to Bahawalpur for Sunday morning 10:00 A.M went well before in time (10 hours before departure is fixed for Islamabad’s residents) at the Daewoo Express office in F-10 to get our confirmed tickets.
Upon our arrival, however, we were told that only two seats 5 and 7 were available while seat number 6 was given to some colonel. Instead they offered me a seat in the last row,” said Shoaib.
This was not possible for Shoaib Ali to accept as he wanted his mother and sister to sit together and he also tried to explain this to the booking clerk in F-10 and requested him to provide at least two such seats as his mother and sister could sit together.
The booking clerk however, declined to entertain him saying it was not possible as he was there only to provide online confirmed seats and all three of them would have to sit on three separate seats. Shoaib Ali showed him the confirmation message too but to no avail.
When contacted a Daewoo Online Call service representative Mr Noman asked to lodge a complaint on 111007006. However, several calls no one picked the receiver.
This is not the story of Shoaib alone. Many other passengers have shared their experience of poor services by the premiere transport service of the country. One Kashif Abbasir an Islamabad-based businessman told that he often got confirmed online reservation of the seat but when he reached the terminal he was told his seat was either cancelled or allotted to someone else.
Naveed Khan another private office worker said the bus service’s terminal located in G-7 Sitara Market often refused to take passengers to the main terminal in Rawalpindi in spite of the fact passengers showed them the ticket.

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