Preferential treatment for India

FOREIGN Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria while discussing implications of the nuclear trade waiver granted to India by the Nuclear Suppliers Group has said that such “preferential treatments” and waivers only undermine the credibility of global non-proliferation regime besides disturbing the regional strategic stability. He pointed out that ever since grant of waiver in 2008, India has expanded its capacity to produce fissile material for military use, moving against the objective of strategic stability in the region.
The criteria being advocated by some members of the NSG is surely a source of concern not only for Pakistan but several other countries as their approach amounts to nuclear apartheid. In the name of civil nuclear cooperation, the United States has not only opened floodgates of nuclear technology for India but is also lobbying hard to win membership of the Group for New Delhi. This is despite credible reports including those by US institutions and agencies that India was dangerously expanding its nuclear and missile programme. The issue was also discussed during visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Washington and the joint statement issued afterwards contained resolve of the United States to support India in its bid to get early membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group. The US is advocating the case for Indian membership on the ground that it will ensure energy security for India besides providing job opportunities but is not willing to accept the same logic for Pakistan despite the fact that the country has been witnessing worst type of energy crisis since long. Thanks to sincere cooperation being lent by friends like China that the country is gradually bridging the gap between demand and supply but it is understood that the demand would again surge with accelerated socio-economic development. The United States is advocating the case of India as ‘non-proliferation partner’ but is ignoring safety and security measures that Pakistan has taken to strengthen its credentials as a responsible nuclear power. We hope that Pakistan would continue its efforts to harmonise its approach with other like-minded countries on the issue of NSG membership so that there is no special treatment for India in future that could imperil Pakistan’s interests further.

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