Pre-Independence Day enthusiasm

Nations always celebrate their independence day with honour, dignity and immense sense of pride. They are well aware of the significance of their independence, which they got after great sacrifices and untiring struggle of their leaders and hardships faced by the people. Our nation also underwent all such trials and tribulations in the process of getting a separate homeland to enjoy religious freedom and live according to our distinct culture, traditions and societal norms without any fear and restrictions.
Though the country continues to face many challenges both on external and internal fronts, but despite this every year we see a rare enthusiasm on the eve of August 14 especially on the part of our youth and children, depicting how much proud they feel being a Pakistani. Apart from illumination of houses, buildings, it was heartening to see streets, markets and buildings wearing green and white look, the colour of our flag, just at the outset of the month of August. Not only this, the children and youth added to beauty of the ambience by wearing green masks and clothes besides painting their cycles and motorbikes in green. In the entire décor, green reigned supreme before and on the Independence Day in the whole country, reflecting how do every Pakistani dream to see their national flag shining high in the comity of nations and by the grace of God Almighty and given the resilience of this nation, we are sure that the day is not far away when the country will surmount all challenges and achieve its due stature in the world. The way the people of Quetta bounced back from the recent tragedy that claimed lives of over seventy people and enthusiastically are participating in the celebrations is enough a proof that the whole nation stands united to take forward the country and foil sordid designs of the enemies. Some elements did try to steel the limelight of celebrations by commemorating out of proportion the minorities day on August 11, which smacks something foul. But in any case, we are sure that attachment and love of vast majority of Pakistanis to their country and its Islamic ideology is such firm that nobody can dent it with such nefarious attempts. We are sure that the proud Pakistanis will participate in Independence Day celebrations with full zeal and zest to convey the message that the country is there to rise high in the days to come.

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