Prayer during earthquake

On Sunday morning, because of heavy landslides cascaded down, an earthquake of 6.4 intensity has jolted the whole mountain areas of Mount Rinjani in which 91 persons died on the spot and many hundred injured and nearly 900 hikers along with guides have been stranded in which near 500 have climbed down safely till late night
I observed at that time that the Fajr prayer was being performed in the mosque of Rinjani when the incidents of earthquake occurred. But the most bold and true Muslim Imam-i-Masjid did not break the prayer. He continued his Fajr prayer without any fear because he was a Momin, true believer in faith of one Allah and he was most obedient in obeying the Al-Qurani Ahkamat of Allah and Momin always says at the time of Adversity.
Hence I pray to Allah that all true Muslims of Pakistan should become such most Momin of Pakistan such like Indonesian Momin and all Momin of Pakistan should not feel any fear at the time of adversity – earthquakes, floods etc – and should remain most patient because GREAT ALLAH is always with us and specially with patient Momins.

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