Pray for me..!

THE gleaming white buildings are huge and spread out. They house ninety two orphan children and an old folks home. On one side is a spacious guest house and behind are playgrounds and basket ball courts. I smile as I look at the whole campus and then glance with admiration at the man who had undertaken the whole project single handed and whom all the little homeless children he has picked up, just called ‘brother’.
“Pray for me,” he had said as usual, one day many years ago as he left my house. “Why Tony?” I had asked him, that day. “Why? What?” he had asked with some surprise. “Why do you ask me to pray for you?” “I ask everybody to,” he said. “I ask everybody I meet to pray for a home I want to build.” “So why don’t you pray to God yourself,” I said. “Tell Him about the home. Tell Him what you want to do. Ask Him for land and buildings and funds, and to make your dream come true.”
Tony looks at me today. “You remember that day Bob?” he asks. “After that I stopped being shy with God, I took my plans to Him and he made it possible.” I remember the story of a business man who owned a small plane. This man flew his little private aircraft in and out of Toronto International Airport. One day he was asked by someone whether he ever encountered problems taking off and landing such a small aircraft at an airport that was dominated by so many large jets.
The businessman responded, “My plane may be small, but I have the same rights, the same privileges and the same access to that airport as anyone else—even the jumbo jets..!” It’s the same with prayer. No matter who we are or how small we are in comparison with others or how low our station in life, we need take a back seat to no one. No one is given priority treatment..!
Isn’t it wonderful to realise that in a world that gives preferential treatment to the wealthy, the famous, and the influential, that every one of us has equal access to God. The psalmist says, “The Lord is near to all those who call upon Him” Your prayers are as important to God as that of that holy man who sits on yonder mountain top, as that religious woman who does her pooja from morn till night fall, as the priest in temple robe or divine cassock . You have as much access to God’s ear as those who offer to pray for you or to whom you run when in need of spiritual solace or relief from earthly trouble.
I look at the white buildings which are huge and spread out. They house ninety two orphan children and an old folks home, but once upon a time, they were only a shaky thought from a simple man, presented to God in the form of a prayer. The little children come running to us. “Brother,” they exclaim, “its time for prayer..!.” Brother chuckles, I laugh and a God above smiles as he hears the happiness in our voices..!

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